It’s Official - Butch Basix Is Open for Business November 15 2013, 0 Comments is open for business and ready for holiday gift giving!

We’re excited to announce the grand opening of Butch Basix seeks to serve people like us who incorporate a masculine aesthetic into their presentation and style. We want to help our customers (and their gift-giving friends!) define themselves by providing basic “butch” accessories and clothing that go beyond conventional masculine style and also meet the unique needs of present and past female bodies.

We are particularly excited that many of the vendors with whom we work share our values around sustainability, fair-trade, supporting local & independent businesses, honoring the value of crafting by hand, and being open-minded and butch-friendly.

We hope our “Gifts Under $50” and “Gifts under $25” sections make it easier to find something unique for you or your loved ones. Plus, we are running a Free Shipping promotion through December 17th.

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Thank you for your support,

Susan and Ames


ABOUT BUTCH BASIX: Butch Basix is an e-tailer specializing in masculine clothing, jewelry, and accessories for masculine, female-bodied individuals and for people of all genders who want the freedom to define masculinity for themselves. Butch Basix is a part of a fast-growing movement towards expanded choices and personal freedom in the retail world and beyond.

Our company name is our personal reference point that unapologetically conveys meaning about the story behind our business. It's a name that honors the history of some of our bravest and often unacknowledged gender outlaws and warriors that have made it possible for us to pursue our mission with dignity and pride. Our name does not imply that anyone who shops with us should identify as Butch. We have reverence and respect for the beautiful diversity of gender expression, and this is our contribution to the celebration.