Butch Basix - A Carefully Curated Selection of Masculine Goods

Butch Basix seeks to serve people who, regardless of gender identity, incorporate a masculine aesthetic into their presentation and style as a means to achieving the truest expression of self. To that end, we provide curated goods that include basic accessories, clothing, personal care products, and stylish things for your home and pets.

We offer an alternative to the standard (and tired) retail model that divides wares and customers by two gender categories. If you want the freedom to shop without having to choose between the Men's or Women's Section on your hunt for masculine styled goods, you've come to the right place.

Our hope is by eliminating the gendered retail divide, we'll  move the world in a direction where merchandise is, more often than not, categorized by it's characteristics rather than by a narrow definition of what other people assume are yours (e.g., Shop by Masculine Goods, not Shop by Men's or Women's Department).

We place an emphasis on sourcing and selling products that come from vendors who follow sustainable and eco-friendly practices, use either organic or upcycled materials, support artisan craftsmanship, or are locally based.

The mission of Butch Basix is to make a traditional masculine aesthetic more accessible while also defying convention. While we are informed by tradition, we seek to subvert it. We want to define masculinity for ourselves. We encourage you to do the same.

Butch Basix - define it for yourself.