Swim Wear

The lack of suitable swim wear has kept many of us out of the water and off the beach more often than not. One of our goals at Butch Basix is to discover new options and curate a selection of swim tops and bottoms that improves our physical and mental comfort so that we can play more freely in and around the water and under the sun.

Like many of you, we've had to cobble together less than ideal swim wear and beach wear solutions which, after a dunk, have left us with chest undergarments more suited for land sports that take forever to dry, wet clingy t-shirts, or thin, unlined rash guards that still require some additional under item with a degree of compression. We know that what works for one person won't work for another, so we encourage you to reach out to us about any questions you have about the products we carry. We will gladly advise on whether what we carry will be the solution you need to feel confident being yourself in and around the water.