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Another Year in Business & Our Call for Makers November 10 2015, 10 Comments

Along a road paved with tears and laughter, we've made our way to another Butch Basix Anniversary. When we reflect back on the successes of this past year in business, the highlights include our various collaborative efforts.




After we enthusiastically included the NiK Kacy line of dress shoes on our website, we had the pleasure to help NiK Kacy build out their new website and eCommerce functionality. We can't say enough about NiK's kind, open spirit and we feel truly honored to have made such a great connection. 

In early Spring 2015, we coined the term "Alternity" as an alternate to "maternity," and through collaboration with much buzzed about Butchbaby & Co, we green-lighted their use of the term to promote their brand of pregnancy wear for masculine, transgender, and queer individuals. 

DapperQ, the "leading style blog for masculine presenting women, gender queers, & trans* identified individuals," has been a huge supporter, resource and channel for many of the queer, MOC focused fashion related businesses, and Butch Basix has been no exception. We've benefited from DapperQ's wonderful support (such as inclusion in their continuously updated Store Guide, special Holiday promotions, and their generous advertising rates that make it possible for small, boot-strapped businesses like ours to reach a wide and relevant audience). This has been and continues to be a great online channel for acquiring new customers. 

Last, but not least, one of our best pop-up shop appearances was at the Magic Makers: Queer Art, Craft & Healing Fair in Oakland. In addition to participating as a vendor at this awesome event (which, by the way, will happen again this December 13th), to benefit Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, we sold cups and cups and cups of hot cider out of our trailer to the hottest queer shoppers in town. 

Looking ahead to our third year in business, we'd love to expand our base of partnerships and collaborations to include more queer friendly makers and artisans who produce goods that resonate with us and are in line with our values. Just as importantly, we want you, our customers, to have access to products that meet your needs and are unique.

With this in mind, we want to solicit your feedback about what you wish we would carry. Additionally, we really need your help connecting us with talented folks who make cool stuff and who would love to make their items available for purchase to our customers. To offer your invaluable input, please either fill out this form or send us an email with your ideas and referrals. As much as this store was inspired by personal experience, butchbasix.com is here to serve you. So please let us know how best we can do that.

We appreciate everyone's support. The fruits of our labor will keep us dedicated to the cause. Here's to our collective future!