Butch Basix offers the first ever Alternity Section dedicated to providing masculine of center pregnancy gear, wear, accessories, personal care products and resources in one place.

Alternity * (adj.)  \all-tur-ni-tee\ - A "neologism" or new term, with a gender-inclusive intention, relating to or effective during the period of pregnancy and shortly after childbirth. <alternity wear; alternity leave>   

Alternity wear * (n.) al/ter/ni/ty: Androgynous, All-Inclusive, apparel for pregnant individuals across the LGBTQ spectrum of all orientations, identities, and body types.  

* Butch Basix, in collaboration with ButchBaby & Co, conceived the term of "Alternity" as a new, more inclusive term. Our new word, Alternity, represents a category in its own right and reflects the courage, individuality, creativity and dignity of masculine pregnancy. Together, we embrace and promote "alternity" in an effort to further a movement towards greater freedom of expression.

Butchbaby & Co. is dedicated to making the first ever alternity wear for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals and we hope to carry their upcoming 8 piece line when it becomes available. 

This section is new, so our selection is limited. However, over time, we intend to add a whole smattering of products and resources to make this the best one shop stop for all things "alternity". To stay informed of the development of our Alternity Section, join our mailing list. Also, see our growing list of Alternity Resources which includes links to perinatal wellness groups as well as blogs and articles relating to pregnancy and identity.