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The end.

Seriously, though, humanity's reverence for horses is one of our most enduring loves, as represented across human history in Paleolithic paintings in the Chauvet Cave to the presence of Butch Bronies. Thankfully, for some of us, the awe we develop in childhood for our equine friends persists into adulthood. And what better badge of honor than a Horses belt buckle to display one's affinity to a Herd of Horses? If you can't be a stallion roaming free every minute of the day, let the image on this buckle transport you to this open pasture.

The Horses Belt Buckle, by FluffyCo, consists of a resin-coated digital print of horses set in an antiqued nickel tone round-cornered metal buckle. It’s sized to fit most belts made to take an interchangeable buckle. Dimensions are about 3” long x 2” wide.

  • Urethane Coated print set in solid brass buckle
  • 3” long x 2” wide
  • Easily interchangeable and sized to fit most belts

About FluffyCo: FluffyCo is an indie design company, located in San Francisco, which produces sustainable and design-driven products. Dedicated to a sweat-shop free ethos, most of their products are created by carefully vetted, small and family-owned businesses in the USA or are hand-made in their own San Francisco studios. Their designs are often nature inspired with an urban twist. They pride themselves on collaborating with small and family-owned businesses to complete the production line. They always consider the environmental aspects of design, using minimal packaging, local production, water based inks (as opposed to plastic based), and often use eco + organic materials. All that and their products are affordable.