Grey Woodgrain Leather Belt with Raw Edges


At Butch Basix, we have a thing for patterns found in nature, and one in particular that speaks to us is wood grain, which refers to the unique orientation of wood-cell fibers in trees.

It’s no wonder we are drawn to the “Woodgrain Grey Belt” by San Francisco designer, FluffyCo. The Wood Grain Belt is made from genuine American leather and comes with rough rawhide edges and a semi-matte finish. This belt is made for interchangeable buckles and has a standard four-inch snap closure to fit most buckles. Buckle NOT included.

The belt strap measures 1 5/8" tall and is hand finished, so there are slight variations between belts. Sizes: 28-31” / 32-35” / 34-37”

About FluffyCo: FluffyCo is San Francisco based design company that produces sustainable and design-driven products. Dedicated to a sweat-shop free ethos, most of their products are created by carefully vetted, small and family-owned businesses in the USA or are hand-made in their own San Francisco studios. Their designs are often nature inspired with an urban twist. They pride themselves on collaborating with small and family-owned businesses to complete the production line. They always consider the environmental aspects of design, using minimal packaging, local production, water based inks (as opposed to plastic based), and often use eco + organic materials. All that and their products are affordable